As most of you would know, traditionally the XC race weekend has been the first weekend of August at Hotham. Over the years we have moved from running, timing and judging our own races for the langlauf and telemark events to more recently having the langlauf as part of the Hotham to Dinner Plain (Pub to Pub) public event, and the telemark races run by the Hotham Race Department and the Telemark style being judged by a ski instructor as part of a group lesson.

The most recent years have seen a decline in attendance. In 2019 we did not have enough participants to justify booking the telemark race course or a group lesson.

Many of our most proficient XC skiers enter in the Worldloppet event held at Falls Creek on the fourth Saturday in August, the Kangaroo Hoppet. It is a public event that attracts both elite competitors and fun-loving participants from Australia and overseas. 

The Hoppet weekend is now the best gathering of the club’s Cross Country skiers and therefore the USC Committee have agreed to move the XC race weekend to Falls Creek. Ian McCutchan and Woody Macpherson will again co-ordinate the weekend. 

What to do

Club members wanting to participate and be eligible for club trophies (as awarded at the annual dinner) need to enter themselves in the Hoppet. .

All members staying at USC Falls Creek lodge will automatically be eligible for any club awards including medals awarded on the day of the Kangaroo Hoppet races and annual club trophies. Members who are not staying at USC Falls Creek lodge and who wish to be eligible for any annual club trophies will need to advise the club, by emailing Include your name, age group and the Hoppet event you are entered in Joey (7km), Birkebiner (21km) or Hoppet (42km).

Hoppet entries open on 1 July 2021 and the earlier you enter, the lower the entry price. Go here to enter

Other relevant information:

·         The langlauf trophies and awards will be presented based on the times recorded by the Kangaroo Hoppet organisers. The open Langlauf trophies will be awarded to the best competitor in the 42km Hoppet, (if nobody is in the Hoppet it will go to the best in the 21km Birkebiner)

·         The telemark slalom and style events will be put on hold for 2021.

·         No Cross-country levy will be charged to people staying at the USC lodge.

·         Each person is responsible for registering themselves and paying entry fees for the Kangaroo Hoppet events i.e. no different to past Hoppet weekends.