Check in procedures

On Arrival

  • Use the door code provided to enter the lodge foyer.
  • A Hotham photo required (May29/30)
  • Read the bed allocation list on the noticeboard in the foyer to find out your room and food/cleaning group allocation.
  • Members and Guests should introduce themselves to the Party Leader, who is in charge at all times.
  • All members and guests should familiarize themselves with the operation of the building fire alarm system

Day Visitors & Early Arrivals

  • All luggage should be placed out of the way in the outer basement area ( adjacent to the lockers) until change over time (6.00 pm)
  • Day visitors and early arrivals should report to the Party Leader as soon as practically possible
  • Day visitors/early arrivals are only entitled to tea/coffee and toast, and are asked to consider existing lodge occupants
  • Members and Guests should indicate their  participation or non participation in the Club Dinner on the Saturday Night on the notice board at the lodge and volunteer their assistance in the preparation/cleaning up process.